Your business is like your body. You want it to be strong, healthy, firm, attractive, and growing. Due to time limitation or tight budget, small business owners, when faced with difficulty in marketing their firms, often rely on the wrong outlets to strengthen their communications with their clients. Unfortunately the cost of losing time, opportunity and money will damage some parts of the body, and make mending it a hard process. The right advice with a practical marketing plan from a professional, experienced, and knowledgeable specialist is the best cure to get the business moving in the right direction with the shortest routes.

The Discovery Process

The discovery process will consist of pre-meeting questions provided prior to the discovery session to facilitate gathering project data and accelerate the thought process. We’ll discuss previous marketing tactics used and explore your business goals and new opportunities. During this time, we examine: company history, product/service descriptions, customer buying profiles & process, existing marketing collateral, key service benefits and differentiations and key competitors – strengths & weaknesses, similarities.

Marketing Tools

We will walk you through the completed Marketing Strategy document, explain concepts and opportunities. From the identified potential opportunities, recommendations will be provided and discussed. The flexibility of the marketing plan works well with marketing budgets of all sizes, allowing for expansion or contraction as the marketing budget fluctuates.

Evaluation and Measurement

Your marketing plan will identify all goals and objectives with clear dates and numerical expectations for easy measurement of success and achievement. A quarterly review will be conducted and delivered to enhance the tools and tweak the solutions for more focused results.


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